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Club R

Is a free space for discussions on current and eternal topics, film clubs lectures, meetings, creative evenings, master classes and communications on interesting topics.

Each meeting is held in an informal setting, where you can get answers and insights from hosts and experts on various discussion topics.

The club is a space for people interested and open to new knowledge.

Our events are always full of unexpected insights to ourselves and others. We welcome your opinion on any issues discussed.

The most popular format is the Psychological Cinema Club, which takes place every month. Our members watch a movie and discuss it as a group, sometimes resulting in completely opposite interpretations and opinions. Through dialogue, this format gives us the opportunity to understand others and better know ourselves.


Memorable meetings are Christmas parties, which take place once a year, but are distinguished by the bright participation of all guests, with cheerful memories cherished by all.

The club also hosts Creative meetings and lectures by inviting experts from various fields such as in politics, literature, psychology and health. All are held in a cozy environment among the intellectual, and shared with a sense of humor from the public.

Thank you!

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