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Helping yourself

Psychological diagnostics will take you on an exciting journey into your inner world. We tend to believe that we know ourselves better than anyone else. Yet keep making the same mistakes. Our methods will help discover strong and week points of your personality and then correct and control your behavior using the new knowledge.

Individual Consulation

Comprehensive personality evaluation

  • Character compatibility in couple diagnostics;

  • Neurotic and depressive condition evaluation;

  • Self-esteem and self-relation examination;

  • Job choice psychodiagnostics.

Corporate Clients

Top Management

Superficial approach to top personnel selection can often be precarious. Professional diagnostics, on the other hand, makes use of objective examination methods.

It is well-known that the more stressful the situation is, the more vividly the leader’s features show – in behaviour, motivation, decision-making and emotional reactions.

Such behaviour is predictable and can be controlled if we carefully study the results of our research.


Psychodiagnostics makes it possible to see and elicit invariable personality features, style of management, inner motivation, various modes of behaviour in conflict situations and other characteristics of management personalities which are professionally significant.

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